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American Dream

My name is Ron Mendive. My family name or surname, Mendive, is typically pronounced as it is spelled, but that is not the correct ethnic pronunciation…It has been lost.

In 1910 my Grandfather, Prudencio Mendive, left the fishing villages of Northern Spain and came to America seeking a better life for himself and his descendants. My Grandpa was Basque. He, like many of his countrymen, believed in private property, limited government, and the natural God given rights of men to be free. Upon reaching America he became a sheepherder in Northern Nevada with the desire to bring his bride-to-be across the ocean and raise a family in freedom---the American Dream.

I remember my grandfather listening to the world news every evening on his radio. He kept up with the happenings in Spain as he still had family there. Under the Dictatorship of Francisco Franco, the Basque people were greatly persecuted. Franco made it illegal for Basques to speak their language openly. Violating this government mandate could result in a citizen being shot in the street. As such, much of the Basque language was forgotten, or lost.

It was the promise of America that brought my Grandfather, like many other immigrants, to this country. The potential to own property, to worship as you choose, to speak freely without the fear of Government reprisal, and the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor---that was America!

But where are we now? The government piles burdensome and (many times) needless regulation on business, takes citizens to court for attempting to use and develop their own property, seeks to completely control education, dictates our healthcare, watches our every move, and has spent our children’s future.

But we are still America. We the people can still determine our leaders and therefore, determine our future. Just as my Grandfather charted a course that would guarantee his descendant’s a brighter and more prosperous future we can chart a free and bountiful future for Idaho.

And that is why I am running for reelection as a State Representative in Idaho’s Third Legislative District. I want my Children and Grandchildren to enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that I have enjoyed. My ancestors experienced the effect of government oppression firsthand. May we not repeat it. As your representative I will continue to stand against the implementation of Obamacare, work to limit government, create a favorable economic environment, stand for life, private property, and the second amendment.

When my Grandpa came to America I doubt he ever imagined his grandson would one day be a representative in the great state of Idaho. My last name is most likely pronounced Men dee baa.

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