2015 Legislative Session

This session started four days early for me as I was chosen to serve on a special Change in Employee Compensation Commitee (CEC). It has been a blur for me ever since. A few of the issues that are of major concern to our distrcit are Education (as always), Water Adjudication, Highway Funding, the State taking control of the Federal Lands, a call for a Consititutional convention, a Veterans home, etc. On the Education front we passed a major bill that increased teacher salaries and tied salaries and bonuses to student outcomes and teacher evaluations. Currently, many rural districts are not able to find the teachers they need. This problem will increase over the next few years as baby boo

Idaho Doesn't Always Fold

Idaho State Representative Ron Nate wrote this article. I thought you all should know what the objections to S1067 were in committee - rather than the media spin. "Our ham-handed federal government threatened to punish Idaho children and ex-spouses for Idaho not signing onto a restrictive and problematic set of international standards for Child Support Enforcement (CSE). The House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee was told it had to pass Senate Bill S1067 in order to secure CSE and other welfare money from the federal government (around $46 million). Fortunately, a majority on the committee (myself included) would not fold.The committee DID NOT vote to end CSE in Idaho—those law

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