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Life, Liberty and Property are the core arguments for the Declaration of Independence. Below are my views on these three. 



Pro- Life - I will support the right of the unborn child.  Since Roe vs Wade, over 50 million babies were denied the "right to life."  Roe vs Wade is an example of a law imposed by unelected judges.  Result: a dismissal of an individual's contribution to the legislative process.  Ron is endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life.


Healthcare - I believe that an individual's healthcare decision is between that individual and their health care provider.


Family Values - I believe in traditional marriage and an individual's right to practice the religion of their choice.


Energy - I believe the citizens of Idaho own its natural resources.  It has been said, "all wealth comes from the ground."  The U.S. Forest Service Draft Management plan for the North Idaho Panhandle seeks to lock the people out of federal lands and lock our natural resources in, i.e. timber, minerals.


Jobs - I support laws that encourage economic growth.  The U.S. has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.  This forces industry and related jobs to move overseas.  Idaho's taxation and regulation impacts the job market as well.  Tax laws should be easy to understand and tax rates as low as possible to encourage economic growth.


Environment - I believe we must be good stewards of our environment and natural resources.  There is a delicate balance between preserving the environment and extracting natural resources.  The balance must be based on sound facts and science as opposed to opinion or an agenda-driven ideology.


Education - I advocate for educational choice - be it public, charter, private or home school, it is a parent's decision.


Gun Rights - I stand on the 2nd Amendment that "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."


Pursuit of Happiness - I believe in personal property rights.  The ability to own private property is a GOD given right and the cornerstone of our Republic.  Government was instituted to protect such rights, not to over regulate or "take away" our rights.


Wolf Introduction - I defend Idahoan's rights and property against this intruder.  The larger Canadian gray wolf is not native to Idaho and has no natural predator.  Their numbers continue to exponentially grow and therefore significantly impact wildlife and domestic animals.  The initial Idaho wolf was a sub species of the gray wolf - it was smaller and known as the timber wolf.

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