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Rebalancing Government Powers

Our members introduced a variety of bills aimed at restoring balance to the Executive and Legislative Branches. Tuesday, Assistant Majority Leader Rep. Jason Monks introduced House Bill 1, which ensures that all Idahoans have the right to work, provide for their families and contribute to the economy during any emergency disaster declaration.

"Right now we are blocked from being involved in any emergency declaration and this makes us part of that process," Rep. Monks said.

The legislation also limits the length of emergency disaster declarations to a maximum of 30 days unless extended by a legislative concurrent resolution. All constitutional rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Idaho, and explicitly the right to assemble for worship, are definitively protected in this legislation. The legislation clarifies that the governor may not alter, adjust or suspend Idaho Code during a disaster declaration. And finally, this legislation terminates all currently existing emergency disaster declarations that have existed longer than 30 days.


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