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Press Release: Idaho Conservative Agenda 2021

"Idaho’s Conservative Senators and Representatives are proud to present The Idaho Conservative Agenda for 2021. This year, the conservative legislators will focus on the goals of Lower Taxes, Less Government, and Restoring Freedoms. Conservative legislators believe it is time to re-assert important checks and balances between the branches of government which have been eroded. Elections are important, and the voice of the people needs to be properly heard through its senators and representatives who understand their oaths of office and who work for the people instead of working for other branches of government.

The 2021 legislative session will be crucial for Idaho families and businesses. We have important work to do in order to keep Idaho safe, restore Idaho’s robust economy, make sure the money flowing into Idaho government from taxes and grants is carefully spent and never collected excessively to build up rainy day slush funds. We must meet our various legislative responsibilities to keep Idaho government working efficiently and effectively while not hindering individual freedoms and entrepreneurial endeavors. The Idaho Conservative Agenda for 2021 is the roadmap for achieving these goals.

We encourage everyone who is ready to move Idaho forward with robust economic growth, limited government, and maximum personal freedom to get a copy of the Idaho Conservative Agenda by asking their conservative senator or representative for one. Thousands of hard copies of the Agenda are available for distribution across the state.

The 2021 Idaho legislative session is in question due to rumors and speculation about a delayed or shortened session, so it is crucial to be ready on Day 1 with this Idaho Conservative Agenda. It will put the legislature on the path toward productivity and advancing conservative values--short session or not. We are excited to get to work on improving Idaho’s government, so it truly works to the benefit of Idaho families and businesses."


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