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2018 Legislative Session

Here is what I said in the Coeur d'Alene Press recently:

Mendive said each session takes on a life of its own, but education will be prominent this year.

“Education is always big,” said Mendive, a proponent of education savings accounts — somewhat like a voucher system. “These have worked well in Nevada, and Arizona just expanded their program. I think it’s an idea worth exploring.”

The idea behind education savings accounts is to allow parents to opt their children out of the state education system (kindergarten through 12th grade).

Mendive said each student in Idaho is allocated roughly $6,000 annually. Money from the state’s general fund would go directly to the parent instead of local school districts.

“It’s a designated school account that gives parents the ability to make alternative education choices for the children. It could be private religious schools. It gives parents the option.”

Mendive believes education saving accounts would help special needs students and students who struggle in the traditional educational system.

“Hopefully, parents and teachers would work together to determine the best educational path for the student,” he said. “The money would have to be spent on approved education expenses and there would be a board to oversee the program to make sure money is being spent correctly.”

Click here to read the full CDA Press Article.

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