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Idaho is at a crossroads.  We are considered to be one of the more conservative states in the Union, but the current direction of Idaho resembles nothing of Constitutional, limited government.

A clear example would be the Idaho State Healthcare Exchange.  The creation of the state exchange has invited the Obama administration to control the healthcare of Idaho’s citizens.  It is the vehicle to deliver Obamacare to the nation.  When Idaho implemented the State Exchange Idaho citizens became invested in its success --- their names are on it!  The complete consequences have yet to be realized.  But if Obamacare is fully achieved America will be transformed forever.  Interestingly, in 2010, the Idaho legislature passed and the Governor signed the Idaho Health Freedom Act.  That act stated that no Idahoan will be forced to buy health insurance against their will.  It is currently part of Idaho code, yet today it is irrelevant. 

I firmly stood against the State run healthcare exchange and I am opposed to Medicaid Expansion.  Such action would complete the next phase of Obamacare.  It is in the best interest of Idaho’s citizens to repeal the state exchange and pursue free market solutions to our health care issues.  Not to aid the federal takeover of our healthcare system. 

But healthcare is not the only issue.  There is a push to approve and allow “Common Core” into Idaho’s schools.  Common Core is being sold as a state lead transformation of the education system.   Unfortunately it nearly eliminates local control.  If adopted, this program would place 85% of K-12 education in Idaho under bureaucratically centralized jurisdiction.  In fact proponents of Common Core argue this is a positive for Idaho.  Because 15% of Idaho’s K-12 schools will still be under local control.  I believe education should be locally controlled with the parents making the ultimate decision of where and how their children are educated.  But I fear that common core is being implemented in the same manner as the State Exchange.

In 2005 the Federal Government passed the Real ID Act.  It stated that every American citizen would have to have a national identification card in order to enter a federal building, fly on an airplane, etc.  In 2008 the Idaho legislature stood tall and passed a law shielding Idaho citizen’s against compliance with this federal mandate. This was to prevent centralizing private information of Idahoans unto a single identification card.  One of the more troublesome aspects of both Common Core and the State Exchange is the gathering and storing of information on private citizens.  The goals of the National Real ID Act seem to work in conjunction with the data collection components found in Obamacare and Common Core.

This trend of surrendering Idaho sovereignty and the freedoms of its citizens to the federal Government is very alarming.  Considering the blatant disregard for the Constitution shown by this administration, Idaho should be protecting, preserving, and promoting the Constitutional principles that made this Country and this State great.  Sadly we are not.  


It is time for Idaho to return to those principles and demonstrate to the Country the benefits of Constitutional, limited government.  It is in the hands of the voters to decide.

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